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1. Experience shipping world-class SAAS products: Launched leading SAAS products (Forrester Research 2010) used by customers around the globe. Understand the strategy, lifecycle, leadership, tools and data behind building great online products.

2. Ideal combination of skills: Extensive background in product leadership, marketing and engineering. This helps me gain rapport, communicate and direct varied teams to a successful outcome.

3. Entrepreneurial Drive: Experience in the trenches of a bootstrapped startup and in large corporations. Get things done, regardless of the organization or resources available.

4. Data-Driven focus on customer needs: Background in analytics and personalization ensures that every product decision is backed up by numbers. Intuition and customer needs drive product strategy. Numbers confirm it.

5. Thoughtful, effective leader: Exhibit a calm demeanor and focus on empowering teams to accomplish goals autonomously. Experience includes successfully leading direct, external and cross functional teams of up to 20, in organizations sized from 3 to 7000 employees

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